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Our goal is to ensure that your goods reach their destination safely, on time and in perfect condition, supporting your business every mile.
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Safe and reliable solutions for cargo transportation in controlled temperature conditions

Our services and experience
Our future business plan is to continue successful business as a reliable service provider, customer and partner.
International transport
Safe and efficient transportation of goods through Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland.
Local distribution
Fast and reliable distribution from warehouses in Zadar and Zagreb using a modern fleet of small refrigerated trucks.
Minus storage mode
Specialized storage in controlled minus temperatures for sensitive products like food items.
Bi-temp transport
Trucks equipped with bi-temp mode for simultaneous transportation of goods requiring different temperatures.
Import and export of goods
One of our basic services is the international transport of all types of cargo and goods. We provide international transport services throughout the European Union.
Complex solutions for transport in three temperature regimes

Our fleet of trucks, equipped with advanced bi-temp mode, provides specialized transport services in three different temperature regimes, to ensure optimal conditions for diverse goods. In addition to the ability to simultaneously transport different types of goods that require different temperatures, we also offer storage services in our facilities in Zagreb and Zadar. Our offer includes:

  1. Frozen mode at a temperature of -18°C, ideal for storing and transporting frozen products.
  2. Refrigerated mode at a temperature of +4°C, intended for fresh products that require a constant low temperature environment.
  3. Ambient regime at a temperature of +15°C, perfect for goods that require stable and controlled storage and transport conditions.

Our dedication to flexibility and reliability ensures that each type of goods is safely transported and stored under ideal conditions, adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Why choose us?

Our future business plan is to continue successful business as a reliable service provider, customer and partner who always fulfills its obligations on time.
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About us

We offer global logistics solutions of the entire spectrum

Welcome to the heart of logistics - your irreplaceable partner for reliable and efficient transport of goods. Specializing in logistics and distribution, our company provides a unique transportation service between two key warehouses in Croatia, located in Zagreb and Zadar. Not only do we ensure a constant flow of goods within the country, but we are also proud of our international reach, driving through Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

Our fleet includes four international tow trucks equipped with bi-temp mode and seven local refrigerators for distribution from our warehouses in minus mode. We not only offer exports from Croatia to the mentioned countries, but also import various products back to our country.
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Our expertise in international and local transport, along with an advanced fleet and specialized storage, guarantees that your goods will be delivered safely and efficiently. With years of industry experience and expertise in supply chain management, our team ensures that every shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition.

With us, your business has a reliable partner who understands your needs and is committed to your success.
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